My name is Cynthia Berg Polsan. I’m a sculptor and painter working from a studio in Healdsburg, California. My fine art expresses classic realism,literary fantasy and explores humanity in all its variety. My subjects range from nude figures and still life to characters I create from my imagination.

I’ve been lucky enough to have studied and practiced many arts, from music, dance and writing to illustration, photography and neon design. I studied fantasy sculpture with the renowned special effects sculptor, Jordu Schell, and took classes with outstanding sculptors Robert Cunningham and David Simon at the Los Angeles Academy of Art LAAFA) and Robert Bodem at the Florence Academy of Art.

My art has been shown in many galleries, including JMG in Santa Monica, CA; Belle Artes Gallery in Hollywood, CA; and Michael McGuire Gallery in Provincetown, RI. I’ve had pieces in numerous shows such as the Sausalito Art Show, Huntington Gardens in Pasadena, CA; and the Beverly Hills Art Festival.

I was raised in a family of builders, artists and inventors. We lived in Los Angeles where I stayed until 2012. The multicultural influences that define Los Angeles continue to influence me and my work. I now reside in beautiful Sonoma County with my husband and two beloved dogs.
I am a member of the California Art Club, the National Sculpture Society, and the International Animated Film Society (ASIFA).